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RVB LAB, a renowned brand of the Diego Dalla Palma group, stands as a pinnacle of Italian scientific research in the dermatocosmetic field, boasting over 70 years of experience. It focuses on research and innovation to provide advanced cosmetic products, blending professional efficacy with aesthetics and beauty. RVB LAB emphasizes the significance of research in enhancing beauty through innovative formulations, developed in collaboration with the scientific community and universities. It offers a comprehensive line of makeup and skincare, featuring high-performance and skin-safe products.

EditStudio presents the revolutionary 3D marketing campaign for the new RVB-Hydraboost line. This campaign has marked a turning point in the promotion of cosmetic products by leveraging 3D production for an unparalleled visual impact. Our strategy focused on creating immersive and engaging visual content, aiming to capture the attention of consumers in a highly competitive environment. The campaign was extensively disseminated through a wide network of pharmacies and parapharmacies across the nation, ensuring ubiquitous presence and optimal visibility for the Hydraboost products. We developed and produced a 30-second long video introducing consumers to the new Hydraboost line, highlighting the uniqueness and effectiveness of these products through innovative use of 3D technology. This approach enhanced the main features of the serum and cream, emphasizing their benefits in terms of hydration, protection, nourishment, and anti-aging action.

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