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For Gas Jeans, the total look brand, denim is at the core of its business, the heart of its collections and the reason why the brand is recognized internationally, from 1970 until today.

Edit Studio's collaboration with Gas Jeans goes beyond the creation of campaigns. Our team has also been responsible for developing a comprehensive communication plan that reflects the brand's identity and values. By creating a deep understanding of Gas Jeans' target audience and unique selling points, we were able to craft a creative insight that has informed every aspect of the brand's communication, from advertising to social media content. This cohesive approach has allowed Gas Jeans to build a strong and recognizable image online and offline, making it a leader in the denim market. By staying true to its roots while embracing innovation and creativity, Gas Jeans continues to inspire and delight its customers around the world, with Edit Studio at the forefront of its communication strategy.

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